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Episode 31: What’s on JOE Mind?

Posted in WOJM Regular Edition by whatsonjoemind on November 25th, 2011

So what is better after driving for hours, cooking for hours, watching endless parades, filling your gut full of turkey, and watching back-to-back-to-back football?  Talking GI Joe of course!!  Welcome to the holiday season as they guys team up with Jason from to give their season gift giving ideas - or possibly some ideas to drop to your loved one to buy you for a gift.  From the mailbag, a listener asks us (read: Justin) about the whereabouts and rough counts of some long lost Sigma Six items.  In our second listner email, we are asked about seeing GI Joe in 2013 and we are prompted with the question of what we would be collecting if we were not already collecting GI Joe.  An interesting question for sure.  In the news we break the news on the Canadian Joe Convention dates, have a non-spoiler discussion about IDW ARAH #172, end of principle filming on GI Joe 2, Justin gushes over the Zombie Viper (again), the GIJCC reveals figure #12 Big Boa and Sideshow announces their latest GI Joe offering.  We are just thankful we are not FCC monitored...Justin would have cost us some serious cash in decentcy fines.  As usual, all this and more NEXT on this Holiday Edition of WOJM!


Episode 30: What’s on JOE Mind?

Posted in WOJM Regular Edition by whatsonjoemind on November 17th, 2011

Can you believe we ACTUALLY made it to episode 30?!  Neither can we!  We have a special show lined up for this landmark episode.  As you have heard from past shows, the legend of GI Joe may only be shadowed by the legend of James Kavanaugh, Jr!!  He joins us once again, technically for a THIRD time (a fact completely lost on Gary during his intro).  This week we struggle though some microphone and bandwidth issues, so we apologize in advance (in other words, we don't want to hear any complaints - we know!).  Technical issues aside, we read some of your listener email AND Greg breaks the format and asks his own question for a lengthy and deep group discussion.  In the news the fellas got a chance to view former guest Mark Cheng's Operation: Red Retrieval fan film for the first time.  Get their spoiler free reviews!  It is unlike anything you have ever seen before from a fan film!  Justin gushes over waves 3 and 4 (reviews on his site).  From the club we got two FSS unveils in the last week.  You might have seen what the community said online about Sure Fire and Cover Girl, but check out what the fellas have to say about the latest two offerings from the club!  You might be surprised on what they say.  Its another TWO HOUR epic, full of news, reviews and laughs - sometimes even not at Chuck's expense AND they send a special shout out to one of our real heroes in the field.  ALL NEXT on episode three-zero.  Oh, and a special thanks to Action Figure Therapy for the celebrity intro!


Episode 29: What’s on JOE Mind?

Posted in WOJM Regular Edition by whatsonjoemind on November 10th, 2011

Be prepared to learn about a whole other level of GI Joe collecting from two of the higher profile pre-production collectors in the community.  Joining us for his second appearance is the infamous Gary Head, but we're not going to interview, no, no, he's had his chance in the WOJM limelight and what did he do?  He let Chuck read a haiku whilst imitating Sunbow Major Bludd, very very badly.  So we put the "other" Gary to work this episode and gave him hosting duties.  Getting the red carpet treatment this week is the extremely knowledgable Pat Stewart - aka notpicard (get it?!) on the boards.  He shares with us thw work Hasbro puts into engineering our favorite figures and further helps us determine what is a variant and what is not and what does all of this strange terminology mean like TEST SHOT, PROTOTYPE, CARDED SAMPLE, etc, etc.  We hope your mind has a hunger for some Joe knowledge, because you will get more than a three meal course this time!  In the news the team gives their thoughts on the latest GIJCC FSS offering TNT.  Jealousy and rage are contained as JayC from TNI shares with the community his BBTS exclusive 7-packs.  We also get a chance to see some of the next two waves of figures IN HAND as Justin get's the exclusive lowdown on the upcoming waves.  Before wrapping it up someone is going to win a MOC SDCC pink Zarana as we draw a winner for our latest contest sponsored by  What was the name of that Gay Bar Gary and Justin went to in 2005?  It's not the longest WOJM ever, but Chuck always tells us that size doesn't matter.  Anyways...remember, #MOARGREG > #LESSGREG - ALL NEXT on WOJM!


Episode 28: What’s on JOE Mind?

Posted in WOJM Regular Edition by whatsonjoemind on November 4th, 2011

YO JOE!  If you scream it loud enough, their admin Terry we let him join the show, THIS time as a special guest host.  Greg dips into the mailbag to reply to letters from Ramses, Josh and Engineernerd...but before we could do that, we had voicemail to listen to!  Once again, Chuck's buddy, Herb from Rhode Island called to let Chuck know all about the "dangers and distractions" of partying down in New Orleans for JoeCon 2012.  In the news, the fandom got to see their first LIVE glimpses of the movie filming in New Orleans as ET gave us 2 minutes of bliss showing us scenes of Dwayne and Tatum exchanging some lines AND we see a vehicle looking an awful lot like a Water Moccasin sporting a COBRA logo.  Speaking of New Orleans, we get the other hosts reactions and remind you, if you are thinking about going to JoeCon 2012 and have not done so already, you MUST listen to our Special Edition JoeCon FAQ episode.  If you don't, we'll make Chuck sing, and you don't want that, do you?  Well, DO YOU?!  The GIJCC is getting closer to unveiling all 12 of their subscription figures by showing us #6 and #7 over the last week; Jinx and Barrel Roll.  What do the guys think of these two drastically different disciplined character figures?  The TerrorDrome shows us carded pics of Lifeline and the Zombie Viper.  Lifeline is a winner across the board, but you will be surprised about the group's split on the Zombie Viper AND which pair actually agree for a chance.

LASTLY, it is contest time again.  Rich from is not only a good sport for coming on the program and taking a beating from Justin and Gary (nah, it really wasn't that bad), but he is super generous too and has offered up a SDCC Pink Zarana for a prize.  So it is trivia time again folks!  Are you ready?  All correct answers will be put into a blind draw and Erica will pick the winner once again.  The questions can be found in episodes 25, 24, 23, & 22:

From Episode #25 - Chuck tries to stump us back asking us what is Sgt. Slaughter's original name as introduced by Vince McMahon?

From Episode #24 - The Club's 12" Incentive Figure, The Man of Evil, is a member of what Joe mythos faction?

From Episode #23 - What is the name of the bar that Kevin, Justin and Gary went to in Minneapolis during JoeCon 2005?

From Episode #22 - What was the score of the softball game that Greg's team won that week?

Email your answers to by 9pm EST on Tuesday, November 8th to be eligible!  And be a good sport by thanking Rich for his generosity by visiting his site and subscribe to his twitter feed: @aRAH_tweets