December 15, 2011

Episode 34: What’s on JOE Mind?

Well, the original plan was to tune it down a knotch with a leisurely and informative interview with IDW Sr. Editor John Barber.  But...Justin got all crazy on Twitter and was convinced by Jon Chu to tweet the hell out of the known Joe community to get Paramount to release the first teaser Trailer for GI Joe Retaliation.  Like a Christmas miracle, it seemed to work so this week was D-Day for the new trailer featuring tons of The Rock being a badass, Adrianne Palicki in a low cut red dress and ninjas...lots and lots of ninjas...oh, and John McClain, er, I mean Bruce Willis.  So guess what we talked about?  You guessed it...and we got to hear Chuck's wild theories about the movie.  How one can deduce an entire 2+ hour movie in 2 minutes and 30 seconds is beyond us, but Chuck does it.  Luckily he is being recorded so come the end of June we can all enjoy a laugh.  In the news...YES, there was other news; Wave 4 shipped, Sideshow Hawks arrived, Robert Atkins has a cool contest on JoeCustoms and an evil mastermind sent us an audio file to address something Justin said in an earlier episode.  Yeah, this wasn't your standard edition of WOJM, but know we made this with lots and lots of love.  Share it with us will you?  Enjoy!

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