WOJM Special Edition #11: GI Joe Retaliation 10 Minute Preview Footage

Posted in WOJM Special Edition by whatsonjoemind on April 24th, 2012


OK, no kidding around here.  This podcast contains EXTREME GI Joe Retaliation spoilers.  You will be warned at the beginning of the podcast and also within.  Once you pass those, consider yourself warned.  We do not want to hear anyone complain they heard spoilers here, especially after all the warnings.  Your cries and complaints will fall on deaf ears.  From herein, you are on your own.

Justin and Gary are joined by friend of the program and promoter of Roll Out/Roll Call 3 Dave Tree.  Dave had an awesome opportunity to catch a 10 minute screening of the upcoming GI Joe movie, Retaliation.  Dave spends the next hour with us going into detail as to what he has seen, including surprises we have not heard as of yet and confirming rumors that have been long in circulation.    However, that is ALL you are going to get in this description.  If you want to hear and learn more, you need to listen to the show.

GI Joe Retaliation, the sequel to 2009 film GI Joe Rise of Cobra, opens in the USA June 29, 2012 at a theater near you.