May 2, 2012

Episode 52: The One Year Anniversary of What’s on JOE Mind?

LIVE FROM St. Louis, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New York, Seattle, Dayton, Milwaukee  AND Sydney, its the ONE YEAR What's on JOE Mind Anniversary spectacular!  This is the episode where we have YOU the fans call in and join us in the conversation! Also joining us on hotline calls were Operation Red Retrieval Director Mark Cheng, Canadian Joe Con promoter Mike Heddle, Marvel's Director of Communication Arune Singh AND...HERB FROM RHODE ISLAND! Instead of jamming this event into one TINY podcast, we decided to loosen the belt a little and let the show expand into what is now OUR LONGEST EPISODE EVER!  I mean, with so many folks calling in, how could we NOT talk to all of you, our fans who stuck with us over the last year.  As a special thank you, we got the biggest and best voice in ALL of the Joe Sunbow world to sit down with us for a solid hour.  We had the one, the only, Michael Bell (aka Duke) shoot the bull with us AND critique Chuck on his horrible Major Bludd impersonation/immitation (call it what you want, he does neither good).

The remainder of the "first half" of the show are ALL of your calls while two lucky callers walk away with some Robert Atkins art for just calling in.  Pretty sweet!  We also get the latest on the Canadian Joe Con, Greg makes a return and Craig teases us about seeing The Avengers.

During our halftime break, we debut our newest promo.  Will Chuck finally get to talk about robots in it?

In the news we talk about the GIJCC reveals of Diana and Schrage (which we pronounced a number of ways, including one with a tweeeest).  Pics from China reveal the long rumored Amazon 4-pack and we get an additional surprise of a Renegades 4-pack.  The single pack "dollar store" figures appear in The Philippines and we discover variants and running changes to the line. launches GI Joe: Special Ops (sounds like a podcast) social media game.  IDW employees shoot down concernes about the Joe titles being scaled back.  On the movie front, we got a ton of new movie posters and poster variants...and FINALLY, the big news of the week are the plethoria of domestic and regional trailers which will hold us over until the big day in June.

In the final segment of the show, the remaining cast and special guest, Will Bell, give their thoughts over the last year.  Sure, its a little gratuitous back patting, but for anyone who has a podcast, been on a podcast or attempted a podcast, this is NOT easy work.  We thank you the listeners for all the comments, good and bad, who fueled this show to this day.  It is not often anything last long enough to complete a year and we thank you for being part of the ride.

One year is just the beginning for WOJM.  The show is often immitated but it will never be duplicated. There is so much more to talk about for 2012, the movie, the toys, the comics and all the cons - and we'll be there with you, every week to talk about it.  Hotel internet sucks!  Now let's roll!!

Our apologies for anyone who go in the queue and didn't get a chance to be on the show.  From the sounds of things this was a successful concept and we will do it again in the future.

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