Episode 55: What’s on JOE Mind?

Posted in WOJM Regular Edition by whatsonjoemind on May 19th, 2012

What happens when Justin misses a show?  Well, we tend to have awesome interviews with voice actors.  So when Justin told us he would be missing this week's show, we knew our interview would be a blast!  Joining us this week is Neil Ross, or otherwise known as the Sunbow voice of Shipwreck!  We talk to Neil for an hour about his many works - past and present.  Right before halftime, Shogi Scott reviews many of the souviner JoeCon exclusives from 2010.  In the second half, we start off with the mailbag and answer another JoeCon question, talk about Sideshow and our thoughts on the Operation Bear Trap set, and we get a text message from Chuck's sister Barbra.  In the news we talk about the final reveals of the 2012 3.75" JoeCon set, once again we mention that the JoeCon Brochure is out, local Filipino GI Joe  collector group, TS118 will be setting up displays and dioramas in the lobby of many movie theaters in the Philippines to help promote the hobby to new fans.  Retaliation and "Dollar Store" figures are the topic of discussion in our wrap up segment.  A few of the guys got their hands on early stuff, so hear what the guys thought of the new movie toys.  Its an exciting time to be a fan!  Sit back, and enjoy this double-nickle edition of WOJM!


  • Ryan ( Mapleleaf) Hildebrand

    Hi Guys;

    Great show. Neil Ross was another great find to interview. Awesome to find out about his background and his connection to the great white north :) .And for fun I’ve been repeat listening to the in character message he had left for Justin that Gary posted on Facebook. It is just too funny. the whole show was great and having that laugh was great to brighten my day this week. Except for the fact that Craig was in pain so wish him a speedy recovery for me. I do have a an opinion question for the panel concerning the con set. Now we all have our opinion’s with regards to Horror Show but my question is if the club was able to do you guys think that perhaps( if the club could have been allowed to use it) would the jacket of Cobra Commander version 45 have been a better choice to give the figure more of what fans were looking for.And would the Captain America Strikefire ( repainted of course)be a good choice for a vehicle exclusive for their trademark 6 wheeled assault car. Just a thought. As for the winter gear on the IGS, I was actually expecting the Guard to have more winter gear as well. but totally forgot about their other looks. It does through an interesting idea about the FSS too as Gary eluded too. Perhaps the FSS would get Dragonsky or even Wong. I had even given thoughts of it being Agent Poole. Again just thoughts at random.

    Anyway can’t wait for the next episode of WOJM. Take care for now.


    Ryan ( Mapleleaf) Hildebrand

    May 20, 2012 at 1:38 pm