Episode 56: What’s on JOE Mind? Episode 58: What’s on JOE Mind?
Jun 02

Gee...what news happened in the last week that we could POSSIBLY talk about??  Hmmm...  Well, we asked and you delivered.  You filled our meager voice mailbox to the rim with your thoughts and concerns about the Paramount delay of GI Joe Retaliation.  With no guests scheduled this week, it gave the four hosts ample time to focus on The Famdom in Crisis and the latest JoeCon news, INCLUDING registration - FINALLY, and its official folks, 3 of your dynamic 4 will be at JoeCon so we look forward toward meeting some of you who listen every week!  AND...OF COURSE, Hasbro breaks news on Wednesday on the official status of movie Waves 2 and 3.  Come on guys, we record on Tuesdays, get with it!  The second half of the program is your voicemails.  Everyone who called in was remarkably calm and well behaved which says a lot about the quality of the fans in the community.  Be sure to stay through to the very end of the recording to hear the ALL the voicemails that were left with us.  Yet another week closer to JoeCon.  The news lately may have been a major bummer, but there is a lot of good stuff still to come, so download and have a listen!

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