Episode 70: What’s on JOE Mind?

Posted in WOJM Regular Edition, Chuck, Justin, Mike, Gary, Terry, JoeCon, Retaliation, FSS, Bill Ratner by whatsonjoemind on December 25th, 2012

It is an extended episode of WOJM as we review the year that was 2012 and preview the upcoming 12 months with high hopes of a big year.  However, before we get to that we have a very special holiday treat to share with you, an interview with the Sunbow voice of Flint, Bill Ratner.  Jumping into the news, the FSS has launched, The GIJCC annouces a second run of JoeCon 2012 sets, USA Today looks at IDW's new Special Missions title, JoeCon will be in Indy, Amazon lowers 4-packs to crazy levels, Chuck thinks wrestling rumors concerning Retaliation is legit, and Hot Toys gets a Retaliation license!  Whew...so much for slow news, eh?

For the year in review, we remember the first of the Retaliation toys to hit, the uncovering of the "Dollar General" Joes, Retaliation gets delayed, and WOJM experiences some major growth.

In the 2013 preview, we talk about our excitement for the film (still) and whether or not we will see it in 3D.  Further we bat around the possibilities of the 2013 JoeCon set, IDW's "relaunch" of the main comic and briefly talk about Kre-O's

Even though we are posting this ON Christmas Day, we go over a Holiday Buying guide in the event you need ONE MORE Joe gift to buy for that decerning fellow collector of yours.

Lastly, we talk about those we lost in 2012, crown the Best Chuck Moment of 2012, get the lowdown from the Fantasy Football Desk and we wrap it with our regular "What we got in..." and "Shout Outs" segment.

We hope you enjoy the show!  Thanks for helping us make 2012 the best year for WOJM yet!  See you in 2013! 

Listener Note: The WOJM FFL wrap up runs from 02:09:30 to 02:16:52


  • Roy

    Justin please stick with Joes !!! You have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to Transformers

    Dec 25, 2012 at 9:58 pm
  • whatsonjoemind

    Truth be told, neither does Chuck really…

    Dec 27, 2012 at 12:07 pm
  • kris b

    hey, wojm team. i’m having trouble with downloading the entire episdoes for ep reg 70 and se ep22? any ideas why? anyways i just wanted to let you know that i’ve been listening to wojm since #22 and have been a loyal fan. keep it up.

    Dec 27, 2012 at 11:21 pm
  • whatsonjoemind


    Where are you having the issue of the download? Here or iTunes or Stitcher? I have had Flash crash on me when doing testing from the Podbean site. Flash will crash causing me to have to refresh the page and then start the streaming over again. If you are not on iTunes or Stitcher, I suggest downloading the show in its entirety to your local desktop and listening to it from Windows Media Player (for example). To download the entire MP3, right click on the grey icon above that says AUDIO MP3, and do a SAVE LINK AS (or SAVE AS or SAVE TARGET depending on your browser). That will work.

    Thanks for listening!!

    Dec 29, 2012 at 1:24 pm
  • Ryan ( Mapleleaf) Hildebrand

    Happy New Year Guys!

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful new year thus far. Just heard #70. Awsome show as usual. just wanted to say I’m in total agreement with you when it comes to the convention exclusives. You guys do pay for the con ( so will I when I have the opertunity to do so) and the majority of porduct should be held for the con. The opertunity is provided by the club to get a set through the Homefront heros option or if by luck through e-bay. It was nice of the club to do a second run for the october guard but I don’t want to see that be the president either. If anything I’d rather see the character made to have a varient for a run in the FSS just for those collectors to have a Horror Show in their collection lets say but to have the exact conset done in multiple runs—- an imfatic NO. And yes, I did say I would buy a second set if the club offered ( and if I was finacialy able) but that is just becuase it was the October Guard. And I think that is the issue its the October Guard and thats why fans wanted the second run. I don’t think that will be the case with the next set. I myself will try to get a set through Homefront heros but won’t be too upset if that opertunity is lost this time. Most likely will by that second set at the club. Anyway getting of the con sets discussion I do have a question about an interesting thing I noticed in one of the Sunbow episodes and I’m just wonding if you guys thought this might be accurate as well. During the episode Spell of the sirens I noticed a depiction of what I think might be this joes only appearence anywhere. The Joe I’m refering to is Crankcase. Its during the scene where the joe women try to release stun gas to stop the now brainwashed joes but Cobra then pulls a quick retreat. If anyone happens to remember or happened to review the episode please tell me if it was or not. It does go by quick , may have to pause to freeze frame to see.

    Anyway, Again hope you guys had a great new year celebration and with all the joe goodness coming this year—and the movie (finally) its great to be a collector . YO Joe and Happy Holidays. Be listening in 2013.


    Ryan ( Mapleleaf) Hildebrand

    Jan 1, 2013 at 6:27 pm