Virtual JoeCon powers onward with a new panel, led by Arune Singh, Vice President of Marketing for BOOM! Studios!  Arune gets to the core of GI Joe fandom with Mike Irizarry, "The Honcho" Mark Weber, cosplayer extraordinaire Sara Detrick, and IDW G.I. Joe scribe Paul Allor, piecing together what makes their individual Skystrikers fly.  It's a fun discussion with a lot of heart!

Virtual JoeCon is a fundraiser for World Central Kitchen!  If you can, please visit our Virtual JoeCon fundraising page and spare a few dollars to help those who are helping feed the people most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

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Be sure to be back tomorrow for another panel!

Mike and The Full Force's Chris McLeod talk about the upcoming GI Joe 2 from IDW, and Chris's mind is blown by the reveals in the book.  (Despite this, the episode is SPOILER-FREE.)  Paul gives his impressions of the show and expresses his admiration for exact change and those who use it.

It's new comic day, so celebrate with Mike, Rack Time Rob (in his main-roster hosting debut) and new GI Joe scribe Paul Allor!  It's a half-hour of talking about the new IDW title "GI Joe," on sale September 18!  Mike fights to hold on to his voice (which may make this the most popular episode in a long while) but Rob's comics pedigree shows up in force.  Congratulations and good luck on a long run for Paul!  Be sure to get GI Joe (with not adjectives or superlatives) added to your pull list TODAY!

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