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The #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!

March 10, 2016

TFF Special Edition #10: Action Force Movie Commentary

After a number of failed attempts at either recording or just getting people together for the recording, we have finally managed to successfully complete this latest special episode. Dave, Eddie and Chris are joined by card art and comic artist, Adam Riches as well as Andrew Franks and Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studio, to battle through the UK re-dubbed animated 1987 G.I. Joe movie!! Simply titled, Action Force The Movie, we provide an alternative commentary that you won't find on any DVD extra! Probably for the better. Feel free to watch the original movie along with us and enjoy the constant analysis and systematic demolition of the storyline! It's really all about the incredibly awesome overdubs in any case...........FULL FORCE!!!!

October 7, 2015

TFF Special Edition #9: Roll Out Roll Call 2015!

Roll Out Roll Call 2015 has been and gone and we are all nursing the fallout of too much debauchery and fun!! In this special we have interviews from the floor, panels from Dave Tree and Boss Fight Studio as well as a highly entertaining cosplay competition!! The show was a huge success and now we can look forward to Joecon in July.......FULL FORCE!!

August 10, 2015

TFF Special Edition #8: Another Boss Fight Special!!

Join Eddie, Dave and Chris as they bring you a brand new special episode devoted to the good folks at Boss Fight Studio. Including chat about their involvement in Marauder Task Force, the new 'Valkyries' Kickstarter and their own personal Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. line. The boys go deep and dirty with Andrew Franks, Dave Proctor, Fred Aczon, Erik Arana & Catrina Arana as they delve into the abyss of design, sculpting and manufacturing this incredible product!! Add to that a brand new Boss Fight Builds with MTF and you have yourself a very.........FULL FORCE!!!
April 20, 2015

TFF Special Edition #7: JoeCon!

AKA Dave's & Chris's Excellent Adventure

WHAT A SHOW!! Dave and Chris managed to smuggle themselves into Boston that began an immense adventure behind enemy lines and a trek to Springfield, Illinois for Joecon 2015!! What followed was a 20+ hour road trip spanning two days, a Kokomo Toys visit, a small matter of Joecon 2015 and a return journey Christopher Columbus would have been proud of!! Throw in Dave's panel, an impromptu Boss Fight Builds and a new segment entitled, Bell's Bangers and you have a show that will make you laugh and cry (mainly cry)!! We will tie up all the loose ends in the next episode but for now enjoy listening to both Dave and Chris lose their voices systematically throughout the recording.......Oh yeah......FULL FORCE!!!!


April 8, 2015

TFF Special Edition #6: Joecon Prepisode

With Joecon 2015 right around the corner, Dave and Chris chat about their impending journey into the depths of Springfield, Illinois and speculate about the show exclusives in this pre-episode or prepisode as Dave calls it. We will be bringing you content from the road trip and the show itself so stay tuned and, as always.....FULL FORCE!!

October 17, 2014

TFF Special Edition #5: Roll Out Roll Call 2014 Live

The gang are in Southampton in the thick of it with special guests, attendees and some incredible cosplayers as Roll Out Roll Call 2014 gets underway. Eddie picks up the hand mic and becomes TFF's very own April O'Neil, grabbing interviews with Boss Fight Studio, Mike Irizarry, Gary 'Goggles' Head, Nick at ID Toys (formerly Toyz and Gamez), Ann Murray and even Dave Tree in a toilet!! Chris speaks in-depth with the men behind Total Retaliation, Paddy Lennon and Brian Hickey whilst Dave slowly deteriorates under the pressure of a thousand Robo-Skulls! On top of all that, we give you the COSPLAY CONTEST! With added images on the Facebook page you can follow some of the horror that we had to put up with as well.......FULL FORCE!!

October 7, 2014

TFF Special Edition #4: Roll Out Roll Call 2014 Pre-Show Special

With Dave AWOL, Chris and Eddie discuss the finer points of Roll Out Roll Call with two very special guests. Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studio and What's on Joe Mind's very own Mike Irizarry join the boys in a chat about what to expect from this years show. Be there or be square......FULL FORCE!!

May 6, 2014

TFF Special Edition #3: JoeCon Special Pt3

In the 3rd and final part of The Full Force's trip to JoeCon, Eddie asks the questions as Dave and Chris are joined by Boss Fight Studios. Hear what happened over the weekend as the G-14 classified information is spilled under minimal pressure. Strap in for another hilarious chat before we revert back to the regular format next month or the 'shout-outs episode' as we have dubbed it. Enjoy the show and as always.......FULL FORCE!!

April 25, 2014

TFF Special Edition #2: JoeCon Special Pt2

With JoeCon in full (force) effect, Dave Tree brought us a panel that defied the laws of physics! The physics of keeping his talking confined to only one hour!! In this episode Dave takes us through a timeline of Action Man all the way through to G.I. Joe with some prototypes and design art thrown in for good measure. The show notes will contain a selection of images that you can peruse to accompany the panel, which will make it feel like you were there! We will talk about the con in detail when we get back but for now enjoy the show

April 6, 2014

TFF Special Edition #1: JoeCon Special Pt1

Dave and Chris are jetting off to Joecon in a few days so Eddie has taken it upon himself to grill them about their upcoming adventure. Dave talks panels, Eddie uncovers the truth and Chris talks b*llocks as the banter flows like Bio-Viper goo.......or whatever that stuff is!! See you in Dallas for Joecon 2014, FULL FORCE!!!