November 17, 2011

Episode 30: What’s on JOE Mind?

Can you believe we ACTUALLY made it to episode 30?!  Neither can we!  We have a special show lined up for this landmark episode.  As you have heard from past shows, the legend of GI Joe may only be shadowed by the legend of James Kavanaugh, Jr!!  He joins us once again, technically for a THIRD time (a fact completely lost on Gary during his intro).  This week we struggle though some microphone and bandwidth issues, so we apologize in advance (in other words, we don't want to hear any complaints - we know!).  Technical issues aside, we read some of your listener email AND Greg breaks the format and asks his own question for a lengthy and deep group discussion.  In the news the fellas got a chance to view former guest Mark Cheng's Operation: Red Retrieval fan film for the first time.  Get their spoiler free reviews!  It is unlike anything you have ever seen before from a fan film!  Justin gushes over waves 3 and 4 (reviews on his site).  From the club we got two FSS unveils in the last week.  You might have seen what the community said online about Sure Fire and Cover Girl, but check out what the fellas have to say about the latest two offerings from the club!  You might be surprised on what they say.  Its another TWO HOUR epic, full of news, reviews and laughs - sometimes even not at Chuck's expense AND they send a special shout out to one of our real heroes in the field.  ALL NEXT on episode three-zero.  Oh, and a special thanks to Action Figure Therapy for the celebrity intro!

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