We at WOJM know that money is tight for a lot of folks right now, so please bear with us as we support another creator who's turned to crowd-sourcing funds.  This time, longtime friend of the program Paul Kirschstein, better known as the mind, beard, and sleepy tenor behind Raginspoon Toys, chats with Mike and guest host Dave Draper from Toy World Order about his new Kickstarter project, Complex Base Building System Series Two!  The continuation of last year's very successful Series One (which was not launched on Kickstarter), the team covers the ins, outs, stretch goals, and pledge levels for the project.  No other toy manufacturer seems interested in providing a base for your action figures these days, but Raginspoon is doing is darnedest to bring you a building system that's modular and completely customizable!  Check out the project on Kickstarter and pledge TODAY!


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