WOJM: The “Lost” Episodes #1

Posted in WOJM Lost Episodes by whatsonjoemind on January 26th, 2012

About a month ago we were asked to record a special segment for the Geek Cast Radio Network's Year in Review show.  How could we resist, right?  Originally we were asked to have each host list their Top 5 and Bottom 5 GI Joe moments from 2011.  Well, since we REALLY like to talk and go into in-depth discussions on our topics, to have basically a Top 20 and Bottom 20 list would be a little too much.  It would have turned into a 5 hour marathon and Gary would have been crushed from post production.  So we pooled our picks together and came up with a group consensus Top 5 and Bottom 5.  Now, we repeat some of what we talked about in Episode 35, but we touch on other topics too so we keep the content fresh.  Anyways, we had fun and we hope you enjoy it.  We thank the GCRN for allowing us to be involved in their program!

**This episode is posted with the permission from the GCRN**

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  • Funnel Rat

    Great to hear some ever elusive “lost” WOJM content. And as an extra added WOJM fix, I just checked out and really enjoyed you guys on eps 50 of the FwooshCast ( I think it starts around 1 hour 19 mins or so ).

    And I gotta say that I’ve been loving the weekly countdowns of how many days we have to wait until so many exciting Joe events. Thanks again guys, I’m really excited that 2012 is gonna be such a big Joe year for us all.

    Jan 27, 2012 at 12:02 am