WOJM: The “Lost” Episodes #2

Posted in WOJM Lost Episodes by whatsonjoemind on March 14th, 2012

As you know we have Craig on from The Fwooshcast all the time.  He's almost like our "5th Beatle", albeit an Aussie.  So when Craig asks if we can do a special bit for him and his show, you KNOW we'll answer the call with a full production 20 minute mini episode.

We were asked:  "What was your best, worst, and most surprising figures of 2011 and what are you looking most forward to toy-wise in 2012?"

We recorded this WAY back toward the beginning of the year, so the content is a little old, but unless you heard it on the Year-in-Review edition of The Fwooshcast, it will be somewhat new to you.  Consider this a little bonus for being so patient for episode 45.  :-)