November 10, 2011

Episode 29: What’s on JOE Mind?

Be prepared to learn about a whole other level of GI Joe collecting from two of the higher profile pre-production collectors in the community.  Joining us for his second appearance is the infamous Gary Head, but we're not going to interview, no, no, he's had his chance in the WOJM limelight and what did he do?  He let Chuck read a haiku whilst imitating Sunbow Major Bludd, very very badly.  So we put the "other" Gary to work this episode and gave him hosting duties.  Getting the red carpet treatment this week is the extremely knowledgable Pat Stewart - aka notpicard (get it?!) on the boards.  He shares with us thw work Hasbro puts into engineering our favorite figures and further helps us determine what is a variant and what is not and what does all of this strange terminology mean like TEST SHOT, PROTOTYPE, CARDED SAMPLE, etc, etc.  We hope your mind has a hunger for some Joe knowledge, because you will get more than a three meal course this time!  In the news the team gives their thoughts on the latest GIJCC FSS offering TNT.  Jealousy and rage are contained as JayC from TNI shares with the community his BBTS exclusive 7-packs.  We also get a chance to see some of the next two waves of figures IN HAND as Justin get's the exclusive lowdown on the upcoming waves.  Before wrapping it up someone is going to win a MOC SDCC pink Zarana as we draw a winner for our latest contest sponsored by  What was the name of that Gay Bar Gary and Justin went to in 2005?  It's not the longest WOJM ever, but Chuck always tells us that size doesn't matter.  Anyways...remember, #MOARGREG > #LESSGREG - ALL NEXT on WOJM!

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