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October 16, 2019

Special Edition 66: Action Force Kickstarter 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Mike and Joe catch an hour with Bobby Vala in advance of the relaunch of his Action Force Kickstarter this Friday, October 18!  Bobby takes the cast through the pledge levels, add-ons, and stretch goals of the project - as well as REVEALING HOW YOU CAN GET THE SPECIAL STEEL BRIGADE OFFICER'S HEAD!  Time is of the essence on that limited exclusive piece, so be sure that you're listening closely!
Since Mike (our editor) is traveling to COIL Con this weekend (be sure to stop in and say hello if you're in the Dayton, Ohio, area), the only way to get this episode up before the launch was to take a page out of the old Gary Godsoe Fast & Dirty Playbook... that's right, there was no time for editing this one, so pardon the long pauses and occasional verbal flubs.  (Blame Joe.)

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August 30, 2019

WOJM 117: This Episode’s Title Has Been Trademarked

With Joe prepping for Dragon Con and Carson lost to his workload, Mark Weber and Bobby Vala return to the WOJM compound to host the first episode with not one, but TWO former Hasbro heads-of-the-brand!  It's over three hours of GI Joe content as our intrepid crew sails the sea of Snake-Eyes movie news, IDW comic happenings, and Postsac letters!  This episode also takes a nostalgic turn as Mike talks about cast turnover and gives tribute to the end of a colleague's podcast, and Mark relives the best advice he ever got from his veterinarian.  Jerry Lewis may be gone, but your Labor Day weekend marathon is RIGHT HERE!

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Voicemail- 262-515-9656

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/whatsonjoemind

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April 10, 2019

WOJM 114: Into The Valaverse

Valaverse founder and former GI Joe brand manager Bobby Vala joins Joe and Mike as Spring, um, springs into action!  They talk about the all-new Valaverse Action Force (Bobby's upcoming Kickstarter project), of course, and this episode is chock full of fun to spare.  Enjoy:

  • A progressively-tipsy Joe Colton!
  • A new creepy contender to Cot Guy!
  • New Postsac letters!
  • The WOJM-exclusive reveal of the Deadpool Twenty!

April is shaping up to be a busy month at the scenic WOJM Compound, be here for all of it!  Be sure to visit valaverse.com to see images of the Valaverse's Action Force!  Download us and spread the word today!


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July 1, 2016

The Full Force - SERIES 3 - Episode 3

Looking over our shoulders at JoeCon and with Roll Out Roll Call just around the corner, we join Gary Godsoe and Erik Arana to discuss both shows in hilariously intimate detail!! Justin Bell brings us all the news and modern toy reviews courtesy of General's Joes and Chris gets a royal grilling from Eddie about his JoeCon experience!! We end this one with an epic shout out list but we are pretty positive we missed a ton of people out and apologize profusely in an attempt to remain friends!! Thanks to everyone for making JoeCon 2016 an absolute pleasure to attend and thank the Heavens we have two more years of it left!! See you at Roll Out Roll Call 2016 or failing that, frickin' DISNEY WORLD.......FULL FORCE!!!

August 10, 2015

TFF Special Edition #8: Another Boss Fight Special!!

Join Eddie, Dave and Chris as they bring you a brand new special episode devoted to the good folks at Boss Fight Studio. Including chat about their involvement in Marauder Task Force, the new 'Valkyries' Kickstarter and their own personal Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. line. The boys go deep and dirty with Andrew Franks, Dave Proctor, Fred Aczon, Erik Arana & Catrina Arana as they delve into the abyss of design, sculpting and manufacturing this incredible product!! Add to that a brand new Boss Fight Builds with MTF and you have yourself a very.........FULL FORCE!!!
July 18, 2015

The Full Force - SERIES 2 - Episode 2

It's that time again! Your favourite neighbourhood (ed note: favorite neighborhood spelled correctly for us Americans - 'MURICA!) International Heroes return with yet another jam-packed podcast. This time around we feature the news, an interview with noted author James Kavanaugh Jr. and a figure review/from the vault dealing with Z-Force's very own communications specialist, Breaker. Throw in what we got up to over the last month and what we've been buying and you've got yourself a show!! So, grab a cuppa, sit back and relax with three country bumpkins as they discuss the finer points of what is essentially a sub-genre of a niche product!! FULL FORCE!!

June 1, 2015

The Full Force - SERIES 2 - Episode 1

The gang are back with another instalment of your favourite UK-based, Action Force & G.I. Joe podcast. This episode, Chris, Dave and Eddie speak to customiser and caster, Raginspoon. They also chat with Kate Kirkwood and Marc Callison with regards to Kate's awesome 12-inch scale Roboskull and Red Wolf customs and we discuss FSS card art, comics and crazy collections with talented artist, Adam Riches. As well as all of that, there's the news, a figure and vehicle review, from the vault and what we got in to gas about too!! Join us for cheeky frolics and lots of hairy boll.......WAIT......FULL FORCE!!!

April 8, 2015

TFF Special Edition #6: Joecon Prepisode

With Joecon 2015 right around the corner, Dave and Chris chat about their impending journey into the depths of Springfield, Illinois and speculate about the show exclusives in this pre-episode or prepisode as Dave calls it. We will be bringing you content from the road trip and the show itself so stay tuned and, as always.....FULL FORCE!!

October 7, 2014

TFF Special Edition #4: Roll Out Roll Call 2014 Pre-Show Special

With Dave AWOL, Chris and Eddie discuss the finer points of Roll Out Roll Call with two very special guests. Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studio and What's on Joe Mind's very own Mike Irizarry join the boys in a chat about what to expect from this years show. Be there or be square......FULL FORCE!!

October 7, 2014

Episode 8: The Full Force

Join the gang as they celebrate their anniversary (plus three months) with another awesome podcast! Muton is the star of the show as we highlight the Red Shadows indestructible robot trooper in the figure review and Boss Fight Builds. The news is old but we talk about it anyway, including SDCC, RORC, GIJCC FSS 3.0, BFS KS and any other acronyms you can think of!! Expect hilarity and mayhem as we enter into the fray for more.......FULL FORCE!!

June 24, 2014

Episode 7: The Full Force

The UK's finest are back to discuss news of the FSS 3.0, Roll Out Roll Call, the 50th anniversary and Boss Fight Studio's Kickstarter campaign. We also focus a figure review and Boss Fight Builds segment on the Z-Force Captain, Skip and add the longest 'what Eddie got in' and 'shout-out' segments we've ever made!! Get involved with your International Heroes and enjoy another slice of your favourite British show since Benny Hill!! Oh yeah........FULL FORCE!!

May 6, 2014

TFF Special Edition #3: JoeCon Special Pt3

In the 3rd and final part of The Full Force's trip to JoeCon, Eddie asks the questions as Dave and Chris are joined by Boss Fight Studios. Hear what happened over the weekend as the G-14 classified information is spilled under minimal pressure. Strap in for another hilarious chat before we revert back to the regular format next month or the 'shout-outs episode' as we have dubbed it. Enjoy the show and as always.......FULL FORCE!!

January 2, 2014

Episode 4: The Full Force

The boys from the UK are back with the latest edition of The Full Force!  Enjoy!

October 26, 2013

Special Edition #34: LIVE from Roll Out Roll Call 4 with the guys from The Full Force!

Join Mike, Gary, Eddie, Chris and Dave (when he decided to sit down) as they do a "jointcast" show in front of a live studio audience at Roll Out Roll Call 4 in Southampton UK.  In segment 1 we will introduce the respective shows.  In segment 2 we commentate on the costume contest. In segment 3 we interview RORC Special Guests - the guys from Boss Fight Studios.  In segment 4 we dip into the mailbag.  Lastly we wrap it up with what we got in and shout outs.  Its a quick typical WOJM show, just with an accent.  Enjoy!!

September 30, 2013

Episode 2: The Full Force

They're back!  Join Dave, Eddie and UK Chuck...er, I mean Chris as they educate, entertain (used loosely) and inform you of the world of Action Force.  You'll also get the latest up-to-date news in concerns to Roll Out Roll Call 4 - Europes LARGEST Transformers, GI Joe and Action Force convention!!  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

July 25, 2013

Episode 1: The Full Force

Episode 1 of The Full Force is here.  Join Dave, Chris and Eddie and they as they interview James Marshall from Blood For The Baron (dot com).  Later they are joined by Mike, Justin and Gary from the WOJM mothership to talk a little Action Force history.  All this plus the gang from Boss Fight Studios to talk about Action Force customizing!  If you liked the pilot, you will love this FIRST regular installment of TFF!!

June 15, 2013

Pilot: The Full Force!

Well it is here folks!  Join Chris, Eddie and former WOJM guest, Dave Tree as they debut the first ever podcast dedicated to Action Force.  If you like WOJM (minus Chuck) then you will love this show!  So without further ado, WOJM Presents you the pilot episode of The Full Force!