We had a plan, we swear!

However, sometimes, it's better to let the course of conversation dictate the show, so as we battled through an evening of audio problems, Sunbow legends Bill "Flint" Ratner and Arthur "Destro" Burghardt reminisced about their time on GI Joe.  These are two old friends who hadn't had a chance to talk - sure, they've crossed paths here and there at shows, but hadn't been able to REALLY TALK -- in a long time, and we were thrilled that they shared a glimpse of their friendship with us.  Enjoy!

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Be sure to be back tomorrow for another panel!

ALL HAIL DESTRO!  Arthur Burghardt, the unmistakable voice of Destro from Marvel/Sunbow's G.I. Joe cartoon, returns to the world of G.I. Joe with Mike and Joe!  (Please forgive the occasional spot of poor audio quality - Arthur was not using Skype but his phone, so the connection did have a couple of iffy moments.)  Arthur tells of his time in the studio as Destro, Stalker, and Iceberg, recounts his friendship with the late Chris Latta, his favorite movie project*, talks about the rigors of writing your own material, and recounts some personal stories from his past.  It's an unforgettable hour and a half, and we're really humbled by Arthur's decision to visit WOJM for his first-ever podcast interview!   

(* - we never went back to name the movie during the interview, but it's 1998's Star Kid, which is available now to stream on both Hulu and Prime.  Arthur voices Cyborsuit - check it out soon!)

Arthur will be at RoboToyCon on June 9 in Pasadena, CA, so be sure to give this a listen before you head out to meet him in person!

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