Virtual JoeCon concludes with three Sunbow legends playing the trivia game that's sweeping the nation!  Brian "Dr. Mindbender" Cummings, Zack "Zartan" Hoffman, and Morgan "The Baroness" Lofting square off in a battle of wits where fabulous prizes are won... BY THE FANS!  Yes, THIS is where you find out who won the Facebook giveaway from a couple of weeks ago!  Yes, we ARE going to make you listen to the episode to find out!  THIS IS JOE-PARODY!

Virtual JoeCon is a fundraiser for World Central Kitchen!  If you can, please visit our Virtual JoeCon fundraising page and spare a few dollars to help those who are helping feed the people most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

The WOJM Virtual JoeCon is sponsored by Kokomo Toys and ROMA Collectibles!  If you're in the market for toys of any kind, remember to hit up their stores on eBay!

Thanks for joining in the fun!

Joe Colton and Sara Detrick take the reigns for this interview with Sunbow's irreplaceable Baroness, Morgan Lofting!  Morgan takes her intrepid hosts through her passage through "The Biz" and beyond, touching on such widespread topics as fan conventions and ancient European history.  It's an enlightening hour - wear a loose hat and let your mind expand!


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