Host Emeritus Gary Godsoe returned to take the stage with Mike, Joe, and Rob at the 2019 Ohio Toy & Comic Show!  The team chatted with the live crowd about the current GI Joe comic, the Joefest experience, and the future of the Ohio Toy & Comic Show.  Special appearances by Sara Detrick, The Wristlock Wes Whitlock, The Infamous Podcast, Chris McLeod, and more!  It's always a thrill to do the show with a live audience - if you want WOJM at your local or regional show, give our email address to their organizers!

This episode is WOJM's contribution to Cobra Convergence IV - be sure to follow Hooded Cobra Commander 788 on YouTube and support all the CCIV participants!

Also, check out with the code "HCC788" and save 10% off your order at What's On Joe Mall!  


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Voicemail- 262-515-9656


Twitter- @wojmpodcast

Instagram- @whatsonjoemind


Mike gives a tearful farewell to Brian and Johnny of the Infamous Podcast.  That Pulitzer is as good as ours.

Erik Arana's triumphant return to WOJM extols the latest triumphs of Boss Fight Studio, from the acquisition of the Flash Gordon/Phantom rights, their upcoming Lucha Libre announcement, and the continuing success of the Bucky O'Haire and Steeds lines.

There's an intermission in there where Erik had to solve a cash register crisis, so enjoy some appropriate intermission music.

Joe Colton arrives at the WOJM booth weak and weary from hunger, and things take a turn when her friend Molly appears with donuts.  Keen-eared listeners will notice Morgan Lofting making an accidental cameo!

Mike and Sara Detrick finally appear on the podcast at the same time, ending the rumor that they are, in fact, the same person.

Noted Author James Kavanaugh gets Gary, Joe, and Mike to fall in for Rank & File Vol.4 at the Ohio Toy & Comic Show! The gang also talked more about the 2018 GIJCC and took some time for Q&A with the crowd at this live appearance. All this plus Debbie Godsoe! DOWNLOAD NOW!!

Mike, Gary and Joe briefly promote the Ohio Toy & Comic Show.  Also joined by Brian (or Bryan...he's recording right now so we will not interrupt) from the Infamous Podcast.  Go find them!  Come join us if you are in the area.  We have free cookies...really!!

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