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March 31, 2020


What's On Joe Mind? (WOJM) started off as an idea on a blind thread on the JoeDeclassified message board.  When the dust settled, the first episode was posted by Gary Godsoe, Greg Schueller, and Chuck Emanuele on April 25, 2011.  Through several years and cast changes, WOJM has become the most-listened-to and longest-running discussion podcast dedicated to the world of G.I. Joe.  WOJM is currently hosted by Mike, Joe, Mark, and (when necessary) a deep bench of guest hosts from around the G.I. Joe community, discussing G.I. Joe news, and catching up with brand creators like Larry Hama (G.I. Joe comic writer/creator), Kirk Bozigian (Hasbro's legendary head of G.I. Joe marketing), Bill Ratner ("Flint" from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero), Zack Hoffman ("Zartan" from G.I. Joe: ARAH), Jon M. Chu (director of G.I. Joe: Retaliation), and more!  



Mike  - Mike Irizarry is the current lead host and show-runner and is based out of Indianapolis.  He is a lifelong G.I. Joe fan and has been a presence in some form with WOJM since Episode 4.  Mike became a full-time host on Episode 39.  Before WOJM, he was a staffer for several G.I. Joe fansites, including Joe Declassified (still active), Yojoe.com, and GeneralsJoes.com.  He's usually the one responsible when the show veers away from G.I. Joe and into sports.  Perhaps the only greater love in his life is New York Yankees baseball.

Joe - Joe Colton is one of the G.I. Joe fandom's most popular faces, thanks to her incredible talent for cosplay and tireless efforts as part of The Finest.  (Contrary to the popular rumor, the show isn't named after her.)  Joe carries the G.I. Joe banner at conventions up and down the eastern seaboard, and is based in Washington, D.C.  She's been a host of the show since Episode 102 and is generally unaware of when her microphone is muted.

Mark - Mark Weber, formerly the Head of Marketing for the GI Joe brand at Hasbro, brings years of toy industry experience to the team, as well as his ability to spin yarns about facets of his life - like his many-toed cat, his lack of melatonin, or his childhood feuds - like a classic radio guy.  Mark made a few guest appearances in WOJM Joecon episodes, and made his first guest-hosting appearance on Episode 112.  He accepted the invitation to be a full-time host on YouTube Review 3.  Like many current and former Hasbro types, Mark is centered in Providence.

Rob - Indianapolis-based comic book expert/fanatic Rob Irizarry is the host of the WOJM companion show Rack Time.  He's been a G.I. Joe fan since 1982 and was a fixture at Joecon in its later years.  Mike gave his older brother the job after he was able to discuss, at length, the overarching character histories of every hero with the moniker "Captain Marvel" (even the weird guy with the fly-apart limbs) without research.


Carson - Carson Mataxis is the tireless machine behind 3DJoes.com and the author and publisher of "Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe," a collection of every piece of painted art used for G.I. Joe product released between 1982 and 1994.  In his spare time, he built a replica of Toys R Us in the basement of his home in Raleigh, North Carolina to house his personal collection.  No, really.  He may have a problem.  Carson had the shortest tenure as a full-time host, starting on Episode 109 and ending on Episode 113, with some Special Editions sprinkled in and a last appearance during 2019's JoeFest coverage.

Chuck - Chuck Emanuele was there at the beginning, and served as a host (and sometime showrunner) until Episode 101.  Chuck was the show's resident Transformers Guy and often the target of the other hosts' jabs and sarcasm, which he took in stride.  Chuck still runs his toy review site on YouTube at youtube.com/chuckdawg1999.

Gary - Indianapolis-based Gary Godsoe was the lead host from the show's start until Episode 108.  Gary set the tone for WOJM in a lot of ways, most notably for waving its banner wherever a major G.I. Joe convention could be found.  Despite being generally smart enough to know better, Gary is a Boston Red Sox fan.

Greg - The third of the original WOJM hosts and its original showrunner, Greg Schueller was the "quiet one."  Greg's soft-spoken quality often belied his extremely dry and quick wit.  He resigned from hosting duties after Episode 39.  Greg lives with his family in Milwaukee.

Justin - Justin Bell was the first guest on WOJM, and he worked so well within the program that they kept letting him come back until his last regular episode, Special Edition 52.  Justin runs GeneralsJoes.com, which was the fandom's first stop and top source of G.I. Joe news for many years.  Justin is an author and publisher for Wolf's Head Press in Vermont, and rides a bear to work every day.


WOJM staffers go to great lengths to attend as many GI Joe shows as they can - WORLDWIDE.  WOJM has been in attendance (and recorded from) the New York Toy Fair, Assembly Required, Canadian Joecon, The Indiana Toy Show, COIL Con, and has hosted panels at Roll Out Roll Call in the UK, several G.I. Joe Collectors Club Conventions, and the Ohio Toy & Comic Show.  Just like GI Joe, WOJM is THERE!  If you are at a show, be looking for us, and if you don't see us, tell the promoter you want to see us next year!  (PROMOTERS: Please contact WOJM at whatsonjoemind@gmail.com.)

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