April 18, 2011

We R Who We R (put there for Greg's enjoyment since he likes Ke$ha) Starting off as a blind thread on JoeDeclassified, "What's on JOE Mind?" has become the web's #1 AND longest running round-table discussion format podcast dedicated to the world of GI Joe.  We also invite in "Joe Celebrities" for interviews and to join in the discussion.  Complete with weekly segments, the goal is to bring all aspects of the hobby straight to you via your MP3 player.  It's Joe meeting Sports Talk Radio.  The show is interactive, so email us at whatsonjoemind@gmail.com, call/txt us at 1-262-515-WOJM (9656), "LIKE" us on Facebook at facebook.com/whatsonjoemind or find the host's Twitter feeds (see below).  Be sure to hashtag your Tweets to us #WOJM.


Chuck - aka chuckdawg1999  - @chuckdawg1999

Chuck is our current "showrunner" and is based out of the New York City area he is an admitted Transformer fan, but we forgive him.  He is lifelong Joe fan but like many new collectors these days re-entered the line during the 25th Anniversary re-introduction.  The podcast was his "idea," so here we are.  Chuck is usually the butt of all the host's (and sometime guest's) jokes, mainly because he is a Joe collecting rookie, he hates to be seen in public and he buys his toothpaste online.  But he's a champ and takes it like a sport ; and from time to time, dishes it back too.  Chuck laments in public that he is the lust object of regular show caller, Herb from Rhode Island, but in private he is a giddy as a school girl at his attention.  Chuck also has an unhealthy bromance with friend of the show and sometime guest, Arune Singh.  From time to time Chuck's sister makes some background voice appearances, mostly sounding angry and possibly drunk.  Chuck's lifelong podcast goal is to appear on an episode of WTF@TFW but is settling for a guest spot on the Seibertron.com Twincast instead.  Ah, the story of Chuck's life, always a #2.  Chuck also lends his vocal talents to other podcasts on GeekCastRadio.com and on The Fwooshcast.  You can find Chuck posting regularly on The TerrorDrome, JoeDeclassified and many Transformers pages that we simply don't care about.  If you like the guy, can visit his "fanpage" on Facebook - "What the Chuck?"

Trademark quote: "BOOM!  Pipe Bomb, bitches!"

Mike - aka Beach-Head - @mikeirizarry1

Mike is based out of the St. Louis area.Believe it or not, Mike is a radio pro.  He actually went to school for this kind of stuff!  My my...how the mighty have fallen.  He's doing a toy podcast now!  Anyway...like Gary he's and an avid sports and GI Joe fan.  While he and Gary agree mostly on the Joe side of their friendship, Mike is a Yankees fan, which makes him less than whale crap in the arctic to Gary during baseball season.  Come football season, they can at least agree on the name MANNING.  Mike's been around the online community a while and he's earned on staff positions at JoeSightings, JoeBattleLines, The COIL Club and JoeDeclassified.  He is also a contributor to GeneralsJoes.com and editor of the yearly JoeDeclassified.com newsletter.  Mike likes to keep Justin and Gary on their toes when he joins the broadcasts.  He leaves Chuck alone most of the time simply because he likes him better.  Mike first appeared on WOJM as a guest host in episode 4, in which he insults the head od the Canadian Joe Con by calling him a hoser...  Gaffs aside, he became our regular super sub and stepped in for an absent Greg in episodes 5, 9,  and 37.  You can hear Mike here, more now than in the past, because starting effective in episode 39 he is our newest host.  During episode 40, Mike was formerly made our new #4 host with Greg's resignation.

Trademark quote: "Cut his mic!"

Justin - aka General Hawk - @generalsjoes

Who doesn't know Justin?!  He is the community's SUPER Fan and often a voice of reason in a sea of hostile fanboys.  When not working on the show, you can find Justin updating his site GeneralsJoes.com with the latest news, reviews and additions to his dio-story universe.  Besides Chuck and Mike, he brings the most credibility to this show.  A little known fact, Justin had to build his own house as modern construction has not reached his part of the country yet in up-state New Hampshire.  His children power his podcasting addiction by generating the necessary wattage to broadcast on a treadmill.  He is a Patriots fan and should be considered evil.

Trademark quote: "Hasbro sucks!"

Gary - aka cmderinchief - @garygodsoe

Gary is no one important.  He lurks in the shadows and shy's away from attention.  Oh, who are we kidding?!  Gary is based out of the Indianapolis area and has been a long long time active community member.  You can find him on most community forums or catch him annually at the GI Joe Convention.  He an avid fan of his beloved Boston Red Sox and Indianapolis Colts and has NO PROBLEM talking about them on the podcast even if the listeners don't like it.  If you don't like it, put your skirt or as he says, "do your own podcast."  He doesn't care about your Joeverse or where character X fits in; He is convinced that the Devil's Due Comic Pack vote was RIGGED; He refuses to recognize the cartoon cannon; He hates the Zombie-Viper concept; He's old skool; He's cranky and somehow he's a host.  Go figure.

Trademark quote: "Next news item..."


James - aka KuuKuuSon - @kuukuuson &  @RAHCGuide

James is an absolute living legend within the online GI Joe community.  Know the guy who dresses up in the crazy costumes at JoeCon every year and seems to ALWAYS win?  Well, he's the guy!  He's also the accomplished author of the bestselling R.A.H.C.: A Guide to Second Generation O-Ring G.I. Joe Action Figure.  He's been a featured guest at the 2011 Canadian GI Joe Convention and the 2011 COIL Con Midwest Joe Convention and will be seen next in 2012 in Southampton, UK as a part of Roll Out/Roll Call 3.  James was our second ever guest on WOJM.  He helped us with hosting duties during the Canadian Convention and in Episodes 30 and 37.  When Mike got promoted to a full-time co-host we asked none other than James to be our new super sub.  Rumor has it that James is plotting the demise of one of the 4 regular hosts so he can be a full-time regular.  Will his evil scheme succeed?  The living legend lives in the Dayton area.

Trademark quote: "Flattery will get you everywhere..."

Kevin - aka KrymsynGardImmoral

He's loud, he's outspoken, and he has no limits on what he says.  When editing the program, one must take special attention to what they are doing when Kevin is on the show.  Kevin hold the show's single-show and combined-show records of getting bleeped.  Still, despite the colorful language he displays, he brings a wealth of GI Joe collecting experience to the table.  He is a seasoned preprod collector, an expert on the DEF-era of Joe and an exceptional customizer.  Few have been in the online game as long as Kevin.

Trademark quote: "What's up donkey f*****s!?"

Terry - The Red Claw - @terrydiz

Terry is our native west coaster coming to us from the Seattle area.  He is the long time admin of YoJoe.com...perhaps you have heard of it.  Terry is very well known in the online collector community, but hey, when you are tied to YoJoe, how can you be NOT known right?  Terry was a guest on episode 13 and was a guest host with us in episode 28.

Craig - TheScreamMan - @thescreamman

Craig is our token foreigner.  He is based out of Sydney, Australia.  He is better known for 50+ episodes as the host voice for The Fwooshcast for thefwoosh.com.  The Fwooshcast has been very influential to the growth of WOJM as it inspired our Greg to get into podcasting - while WOJM inspired Greg to get out of it!   But enough about Greg, this is Craig's bio!  His first appearance with us was as a guest host way back in lucky episode 13.  Since then he has appeared on the show more than any other guest we've had and has kind been our permanent special guest host when he is available (hey they are 14 hours ahead of us over/down there!).  You can hear more of Craig on WOJM in episodes 17 - 20 and 39.  For fun he dresses like Mad Max, drinks Fosters, sells Energizer batteries, throws boomerangs, quotes Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin, and hunts koalas, dingos and wallabies to support his family out of their one room outback mud hut.

Host Emeritus:

Greg - aka Crosshair - @gregschueller

He's was our original #2 host, show co-founder and former showrunner.  He kept the agenda full and the schedule tight, which often got him grief from his opposite hosts.  Truth be told, he is showrunner in name only.  His fiance is really the showrunner.  Besides Chuck, was the most important person to the show.  While slipping up once and making mention of Ke$ha, Greg was the show's "smooth operator."  Rarely making an error, Greg was THE MAN.  He resigned to dedicate more time to work and his soon-to-be wife after episode 39.  Greg returned for our 1 Year Anniversary Special (Episode 52), Special Edition #19 and will be heard from time to time in the future, so stay tuned.  Show your love for Greg by hashtagging your tweets #MOARGREG


Unofficially we have been dubbed the VOICE OF THE FANDOM or the VOICE OF JOECON, but those are titles YOU give us.  Believe it or not, our reach has extended far enough that we have received OFFICIAL branding status to some large community events.  WOJM is the OFFICIAL podcast of Roll Out/Roll Call (@RollOutRollCall ), Europe's largest Transformer/Action Force/GI Joe Convention; and the annual Canadian JoeCon (@CanadianJoeCon), Canada's largest GI Joe Convention; and COIL Con (@coilclub), Indiana's largest GI Joe Convention!


WOJM staffers go to great lengths to attend as many GI Joe shows as they can - WORLDWIDE.  We've attended and recorded from Toy Fair in NYC, Roll Out Roll Call in the UK, JoeCon, Canadian JoeCon, COIL Con events and in November Iowa's Assembly Required.  NO OTHER GI JOE PODCAST CAN MATCH THIS!!  Just like GI Joe, WOJM is THERE!  If you are at a large GI Joe show, be looking for us, and if you don't see us, tell the promoter you want to see us next year!


Kokomo Toys - @KokomoToys

Located 45 minutes north of Indianapolis in Kokomo, Indiana, Kokomo Toys has quickly become one of the largest non-chain dealers of new and vintage GI Joe product.  Family owned and operated, Kokomo Toys keeps the personal touch alive and well in this global internet age.  Kokomo Toys sponsors the first half of every episode of WOJM!  Find them on Facebook, Twitter and online at KokomoToys.com! 


Missing a key piece to your Flagg?  Look no further, JoeArmory.com is your must see destination.  Browse and choose from literally THOUSANDS of parts to complete your build outs.  If you are a vintage collector and need help replacing those items you carelessly broke as a child, then surf on over to JoeArmory.com or find them on Facebook and take a look!  JoeArmory.com sponsors the second half of every episode of WOJM!

All The Cool Stuff - @AllZeCoolStuff

Looking for Action Force stuff?  Are you from the UK or Europe and are looking for a good old toy store closer to you?  Based on the High Street in Fordingbridge UK and online, All The Cool Stuff is one of the UK's leading independent toy and collectables retailers.  Be sure to catch their annual Roll Out Roll Call show, the largest GI Joe, Action Force and Transformer Convention in Europe.  All The Cool Stuff sponsors our Mailbag segment


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