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No, it wasn't live, but it was certainly lively!  With Joe and Mark out of the country for the Thanksgiving holiday, Mike sat down with Total Action Force: The Battle Years authors Brian Hickey and Paddy Lennon to reflect on the success of this Kickstarter publishing project and their career as toy historians, and to help plot their dream heist!  Plus, the new Special Edition segment Five Easy Questions!  Listen TODAY! 

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This episode is the audio for a YouTube TeamStream that initially ran on October 22, 2020.  TeamStreams run every Thursday at 9 pm on the WOJM YouTube channel, barring unforeseen circumstances or holidays.

In this episode, Mike and Mark welcome Brian Sauer and Travis Webber from Code Name: Iowa to talk about their upcoming virtual event, Operation A.R.M.O.R!

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JOEVERLOAD!  That's the only way to describe the WOJM studio when Joe Slepski (host of Joe On Joe Podcast) and Joe Holp (host of The File Card Podcast) stop by to plug their shows!  Thrill as the Joes fight in a three-way ladder match for the Intercontinental Title!

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Virtual Joecon kicks off with the gang and one of the stalwarts of the GI Joe community, Terry Dizard, admin of!  The Honcho takes the reins as Terry delves into the history and future of the site!  Be sure to visit anytime you have a question about your favorite hobby, since it'll probably have the answer you're looking for.

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It's an episode full of deadlines, as Aaron Detrick stops by the WOJM Studios to kick off the countdown to The Super Ohio Toy Show!  Taking place on a day that many bird-watchers refer to as Superb Owl Sunday, the SOTS will be at the Holiday Inn in Fairborn, Ohio (site of last year's Ohio Toy & Comic Show and COIL Con) from 10 am to 3 pm on February 2.  Don't drive angry to get to this one - it's the first big toy show of the year, and the gang at ROMA Collectibles will be debuting their second Animal Warriors Of The Kingdom exclusive, Tomans the Bog Warrior!  This show is no frills but all thrills!

In Part Two of this episode, Bobby Vala is back first to personally debunk any rumors concerning the Jazwares GI Joe contract, but then to remind everyone that 11:59:59 PM on January 31 is your ABSOLUTE last chance to back the Valaverse Action Force CrowdOx!  This project is fully funded and ready to go, but since all the backers need to select their figures, Bobby's taking new orders as preorders in CrowdOx!  Get your pre-orders in for the Original 1:12 Military Action Figure (TM) TODAY!

PLEASE NOTE: Mike and Bobby talk about the possibility of Eclipse funding, but Eclipse was officially pushed back to Wave 2 earlier today.  Sorry for any confusion.

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The legendary Cousin Kenny from ROMA Collectibles stops by, in an unusual prequel/sequel/companion piece to the upcoming WOJM 118.  This episode will likely disqualify both Kenny and Mike from ever running for public office.

October 19, 2019

On The Spot: Sara’s Coup

Sara Detrick brazenly campaigns for Joe Colton's chair on WOJM as Mike takes stock of the noon hour at COIL Con 10 in Dayton, Ohio.

Sara on Instagram: @marymercenary

Mike and The Full Force's Chris McLeod talk about the upcoming GI Joe 2 from IDW, and Chris's mind is blown by the reveals in the book.  (Despite this, the episode is SPOILER-FREE.)  Paul gives his impressions of the show and expresses his admiration for exact change and those who use it.

It's the annual Quick 'n' Dirty "Live" Pre-JoeCon Edition!  "Live" just really means that Gary didn't put much effort behind editing this other than dropping in the opening and exit cuts.  So you get to hear every "um," "ah," studder, long awkward pause and lame joke that we normally record yet we edit out 99% of the time.  The gang talks about the Joes of 2008, goes over the JoeCon schedule and touches on the news, in addition to the very popular Creepy Fanboy Emails to Joe and Postsac segments.  We'll also be making fun of Justin as he has some life-changing surgery on the horizon.  No, this is not re-assignment surgery, so if you are waiting for Justine, you will have to wait AT LEAST to next year.  So, turn up the radio, recline the airplane seat back further, or rest a bag of frozen peas on your groin and enjoy the show!  Safe travels and we'll see you in Orlando!


UPDATE: this episode should be 1:53:54.  The previous upload cut off at the 1:07:xx mark.  We re-uploaded the file again, so if you heard this prior to 5pm Eastern on 5/20, you have only heard half of the episode.  This is also a cheap way to inflate downloads and listens.  Did we do this on purpose...or not?  ;)

It's the Roll OutRoll Call episode.....only a month after it took place!! Dave, Eddie and Chrisdiscuss the busy weeks leading up to and following the show as well asreturning with File-O-Facts and the hilarious Male-Bag segment!! The boys arejoined by the lovely Kate Kirkwood, famous for that incredible 12-inchRoboskull custom, the crazy talented Boss Fight members, Erik & CatrinaArana (broadcasting from a car no less) and of course the awesome Gary Godsoe,as we delve into what was a wonderful weekend with amazing friends!! Oh yeah,and Justin Bell has the news........FULL FORCE!!!!!

ZOMG!!!  What is this?! WOJM content has been posted that isn't either Football or Boss Fight related?!  It is a joyous day!! Yes, yes, with the site of JoeCon 2016 just being announced, I guess now is just as good of a time to post the audio from our live show from JoeCon 2015 in Springfield. Joining us on stage that day was a near who-who of published (or soon to be) GI Joe authors. When you mention author on our show, you can't go too far in thought without Noted Author James Kavanaugh coming to mind. James joins us once again to talk about his new (at the time) RAHC Rank & File Guide!  We also have Tim Finn join us to talk about his work in progress: A Real American Book!  Next we are joined by Carson Mataxis (who is really wanting that 4th chair with us) and his new book: Collecting the Art of GI Joe, Vol 1.  All of these authors and their books, its like the Opra show...without the free stuff under your seat!!  Lastly, Brian Cummings impromptly (is that a word?) joins us on stage in a quick follow up to our earlier interview with him.  Its a whole lotta info smashed into less than an hour!  We'll have another real episode very soon, we promise.  Thanks for listening!

Much like most the of the fandom, we were surprised and somewhat dumbfounded as the tinyish burb of Springfield, IL was selected as the site for our 2015 convention location.  However, two special somebodies are pretty happy that Springfield was chosen and want to tell us why.  It's coming up next on this very special edition of WOJM!!

Episode 1: Greg, Chuck and Gary discuss the Canadian GI Joe Convention and cover how we store our collections in our new segment: Collecting 101.

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