December 2, 2011

Episode 32: What’s on JOE Mind?

Waaay back in episode 17, we had this guy named Mark Cheng come on our show to tell us about this little known GI Joe fanfilm trailer that set the community abuzz.  We thought it was cool and we wanted to get the word out in the community.  Well, a few weeks and months later, the film is out, it has a giant twist and its a HUGE hit.  You have NEVER seen GI Joe like this!!  Mark joins us once again and this time he brings along actor Mack Kuhr who played the chief villian (and uber evil) Zartan.  Also while recording, we got a special tweet for Mark and Mack that even had the co-host in awe...but you need to listen to find out who sent the tweet.  In the news the guys hash out the GIJCC FSS one more time and give their final thoughts on the 12 figures as well as make a prediction on the final 13th - we can assure you it isn't Ellen Tigh - yes, that was a Battlestar Galactica reference.  We get a peek at some GIJCC FSS cart art, Wave 3 starts to appear, and we review a Kwinn filled final round of Hasbro Q&A answers for 2011.  Of course, all this and more on this episode of WOJM!

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