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The #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!

Episode 5: The Full Force

April 3, 2014

In this 'better late than never' episode, the gang chat about (old) news, review a very 'cool' figure, look at a related item in 'From the Vault' and get Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studios to build a version of said 'cool' figure himself. It is a packed episode full of the usual toilet humour and genius insight that one finds hard to get elsewhere. Open your ear trumpets and get ready to be blown..........away!!   FULL FORCE!!

Episode 6: The Full Force

April 4, 2014

What's this? Two episodes inside a week? Have we slipped through a portal into a World without end? No, Chris has just upped his editing game! Join the gang on episode 6 where they navigate through the news, an interview with Jim Beutel, a Q-Force classic with Erik Arana in Boss Fight Builds and a huge haul of toys in what we got in! So sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea and enjoy yet another classic episode filled with fun, frolics and hairy b*llocks!  FULL FORCE!!!