December 31, 2019

Special Edition 69: An Incomprehensive History Of WOJM’s Running Gags

What better way is there to look back at the 2010s (aka The WOJM Decade) than with our tribute to the running jokes that have fueled our discussions since 2011?  It was impossible to catch everything, but hopefully your favorites will show up somewhere in this well-placed tribute to the most overbearing running joke in the English language, the number 69.  Mike, Joe, and an ironically-debuting Wristlock Wes Whitlock invite you to enjoy the end of the WOJM Decade with a complete lack of class but good intentions and lots of love!  We'll catch you again in 2020... the start of The WOJM Decade Part II: Electric Boogaloo!

Special thanks to the talent heard on this episode:

Erik Arana, Chuck Averitt, Justin Bell, Michael Bell, Jared Bunnell, Jon M. Chu, Joe Colton, Brian Cummings, Sara Detrick, Ryan Drost, Chuck Emanuele, Shannon Gallant, Gary Godsoe, George Greenoe, Larry Hama, Gary Head, Zack Hoffman, Eddie Inman, Mike Irizarry, Rob Irizarry, Jamie Johnson, James Kavanaugh, Carson Mataxis, Chris McLeod, Kate McLeod, Craig Moore, Johnny Pottorf, Bill Ratner, Kevin Michael Richardson, Neil Ross, Hawk Sanders, Brian Savage, Greg Schueller, David Tree, Brian Tudor, Bobby Vala, Page Wagner, Kevin Watts, and Mark Weber, and a shout out to everyone else who has made making this show so much fun!

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