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TFF Special Edition #7: JoeCon!

April 20, 2015

AKA Dave's & Chris's Excellent Adventure

WHAT A SHOW!! Dave and Chris managed to smuggle themselves into Boston that began an immense adventure behind enemy lines and a trek to Springfield, Illinois for Joecon 2015!! What followed was a 20+ hour road trip spanning two days, a Kokomo Toys visit, a small matter of Joecon 2015 and a return journey Christopher Columbus would have been proud of!! Throw in Dave's panel, an impromptu Boss Fight Builds and a new segment entitled, Bell's Bangers and you have a show that will make you laugh and cry (mainly cry)!! We will tie up all the loose ends in the next episode but for now enjoy listening to both Dave and Chris lose their voices systematically throughout the recording.......Oh yeah......FULL FORCE!!!!